Make our voice heard internationally

Research & education on responsible resource management at home needs a global voice. That voice is IFHE, so help us to make it heard and sign up to support our advocacy work.

Benefits of membership

  • Abstract presentation & reduced registration fees at IFHE World Congresses and conferences
  • Contribution to IFHE publications and participation in UN consultations
  • Professional certification and access to IFHE Member Database

Membership for organizations (not-for profit oriented legal entities) offfers added value:

  • Publication of international events & opportunities at the IFHE website;
  • Access to UN awards & calls (requires nomination by IFHE);
  • Public visibility as part of the global network;
  • Access for all faculty/staff to the above membership benefits except certification (cost savings for abstracts and registration is limited to three persons)

Associations without legal entity status and businesses interested in membership please contact

Annual membership fees

Individual membership:Organizational membership:
€ 70 (reduced € 30)€ 290

Reduced fees apply to students and members from low-income and lower-middle income economies (as per World Bank classification). You will find all fees listed under "SIGN UP" and "RENEW MEMBERSHIP".

Some IFHE affiliates offer a package membership to both, IFHE and national association.